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Import photos and videos into Movie Maker

Windows movie maker support importing videos and photo in multiple different kinds of cameras and devices. after the files has been copied from devices into your computer, you can use them in your movies and they’ll appear in Photo Gallery. Below are the list of supported devices that can works with Windows Movie Maker software: ·                    A digital camera or phone that’s connected to your PC with a USB cable ·                   A Secure Digital (SD), mini SD, or CompactFlash storage card that’s in a card reader ·                   A data CD or DVD ·                   A video camera that records to an internal hard drive or flash storage card ·                   A videotape that’s in a digital video (DV) camera or High‑Definition Video (HDV) camera If you have a webcam built into your PC or connected to your PC with a USB cable, you can record live video from a webcam and add it to Movie Maker....  and read more at window movie maker

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